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Shamrocks - 2018 Premiers!

A huge congratulations go out to the Shamrock Players, SWBL's 2018 Premiers! The game looked to be in the bag in the early innings, with the Shammies taking a convincing lead, however the Stealers came back to make it an extremely close game as the game ticked over the 2 hour minimum time. The Shammies ended up winning 13-12, in what was one of the best grand finals in recent years.

The game was played in the best of spirits, with amazing sportswomanship by both teams. It was a showcase of the finest baseball skills, with some huge hits (Mel D'Arcy smashing yet another home run), and precise pitching on both sides. There were some great catches (Jane Tsai caught two in center field), and some near-catches which would have been awesome, but didn't quite make it in the glove.

The crowd was well entertained, and thankfully the weather held off. Thanks to the committee for their tireless work organising and running the day. See you on the diamond in 2019!

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