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2019 Social

3 May 2019: Meet & Greet @ The Golden Barley

31 May 2019: Pool Comp @ The Golden Barley

2019 TBA: Main Event 

2019 TBA: AGM

We are a social league!

SWBL hosts a number of events over the year designed to foster a social and supportive community. We start the year off with a Meet & Greet - a chance for new players to mingle with their new team members and meet other teams in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The Pool Comp is a great annual event that brings out hidden talent talent. But even if you're not the sharpest cue in the rack, there are plenty of other activities including pin-ball games and raffles.

The Main Event should not be missed - it's the showcase themed evening with drinks, dancing, performances, and just general good times.

We end the year with the AGM, which also serves as our presentation night. We get a little more dressed up than usual, eat dinner at tables lined with fancy linen, watch the year in review on the big-screen, and celebrate the awesome year that was.

Each Sunday after our games we also head back to our sponsor pub, The Golden Barley Hotel. It's a great chance to reflect, relax, recuperate and hopefully win a meat tray or the elusive Members Draw!