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Saturday 9 September 2023
Campsie South Bowling Club

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Annual report

Nominate for the 2024 SWBL Committee

2024 is going to be a huge year for Sydney Women’s Baseball League (SWBL).


We need a strong SWBL committee from across the league, and a combination of new players working with experienced members.


Are you considering nominating for a role on the SWBL Committee for the 2024 season? It’s a great opportunity to use your existing skills in new ways, develop new skills, make new friends and to help us make SWBL even better!


The Committee meetings are monthly. Your time commitment varies depending on the role. As a minimum, all roles will attend the monthly committee meeting (usually one hour), do duties several times a season, and work on tasks to support the running of the association and our social events. Workload will be shared.


You can nominate as an individual, or for some of the more time-consuming roles, you are welcome to share the responsibilities with another member. We’d also like to encourage the sharing of these roles between newer and more-experienced members.


You can nominate by filling out this form and returning it to by 5pm on Saturday September 2. Each nomination needs two other SWBL members to support it. Not sure who to ask? Ask your coach for help or email


President and Vice President (SWBL Executive)


These roles are the powerhouse of SWBL, and key for our success. Working together, you will deliver a great season and set our overall culture and strategic direction.


The President’s key responsibilities are set out below.


The Vice President works closely with the President to achieve these outcomes.


At all times, you will be expected to model SWBL values, to be a positive and professional advocate for our organisation, and to build a safe and inclusive environment for all members of our community. 


Most commonly, the President is also the Public Officer for the association.


Key responsibilities include:


  • Plan and launch the season:

    • co-ordinate registration, open day, allocate players to teams,

    • collaborate with coaches and co-ordinators

    • work with the Secretary and Publicity Officer to write and distribute information and promotional materials to potential players

    • update the Players’ Handbook and SWBL Rules

    • develop the draw and duties for Committee members and teams

    • organise insurances including player public liability, personal injury and vehicle.

  • During the season:

    • coordinate the committee and others to run the season and social events

    • chair committee meetings

    • meet our requirements as an Incorporated Association

    • support other office bearers in fulfilling their duties

    • communicate with coaches and coordinators

    • oversee broader communications with our members, including social media and our website (note: the Publicity and Communications officer will lead this work)

    • ensure our partners and sponsors’ expectations are met

    • identify opportunities for additional partners, grants and sponsors

    • engage suitably skilled and experienced representative to run skills and training days

    • be an all-round problem solver, managing any issues, challenges, concerns or complaints as required

  • End of season:

    • co-ordinate the Annual Report, AGM & Presentation event, awards, elections, and reporting to Fair Trading

    • Identify any Constitutional amendments

    • acknowledge SWBL partnerships and sponsors and close out all requirements for feedback and reporting.


Skills and knowledge

  • Strong leadership and people management skills

  • Good written and communication skills

  • Strong administrative and computer skills, including Word, databases, spreadsheets, online collaboration tools and meeting platforms 

  • Organisation, time management, and project management skills

  • Strong understanding of SWBL, the SWBL Constitution and the rules of baseball


Secretary (SWBL Executive)


This role is the ‘glue’ of the committee and is key to SWBL running like a well-oiled machine. You will ensure the committee is organised, well-coordinated and highly engaged. You will often also be the first line of communication with our members, partners and community.


You will be responsible for:

  • managing the email box and other correspondence, including answering questions from interested players

  • managing and maintaining a database of SWBL members and interested players 

  • emailing members and prospective players to encourage registration

  • scheduling committee meetings

  • recording and circulating minutes and tracking actions

  • circulating the Annual Report to members

  • notify members of the AGM.


Skills and knowledge: 

  • Strong knowledge of SWBL so you can answer a wide variety of questions

  • High level of familiarity with baseball more generally

  • Strong administrative and computer skills, including Word, databases, spreadsheets, online collaboration tools and meeting platforms. SWBL uses Gmail and G-suite technology.

  • Good at minute-taking, record-keeping, and email correspondence

  • Good written and communication skills


Treasurer (SWBL Executive)


This role is one of our most responsible and trustworthy – you will manage our bank accounts, receive all money and make all payments. Our finances are in your hands!


Your key responsibilities are:

  • Develop an annual budget 

  • Manage payments and maintain records

  • Provide monthly financial reports to the SWBL Committee 

  • Track player registration payments

  • Report on balance and accounts for the Annual General meeting


Skills and knowledge

  • High levels of trust, integrity and transparency

  • Confident with online banking 

  • Able to report on income and expenditure

  • Good communication skills


Publicity, Communication and Social Media Officer(s)


If you love an audience, these roles are for you! You will help SWBL stand out from the crowd. We’d love somebody to take charge of our social media platforms, build the SWBL brand and increase our engagement with the community. You will also be responsible for ensuring our social media and promotional commitments to our partners and sponsors are met.


The Publicity and Communication Officer(s) may work alongside a social media officer and the tasks below may be divided across two skill sets. 


Your key responsibilities are:

  • Regularly post updates on SWBL Instagram, Facebook page, Facebook group 

  • Maintain the SWBL MailChimp account

  • Send email updates and newsletters to members throughout the year

  • Update the SWBL website 

  • Promote SWBL events and season registration.


Skills and knowledge:

  • Strong social media skills

  • Good written communication skills

  • Graphic design skills or willing to learn on a free platform like Canva

  • Can edit websites or willing to learn (we use Wix) 

  • Familiarity with email marketing (we use MailChimp) 


Social Events Officer(s)


SWBL loves to have to fun!  Although baseball is what bring us together, we are also serious about socialising.


Your key responsibilities are:

  • Coordinate key SWBL social events such as the Meet n Greet and Pool Comp

  • Working with the SWBL committee and beyond to organise events

  • Attend monthly meetings to report on events and initiatives

  • Coordinate a team of people to put on a major annual SWBL event

  • Collaborate with the Publicity Officer to promote social events

  • Manage the social events budget 


Skills and knowledge:

  • Project and event management skills 

  • Ability to promote events (using social media and outreach) and generate enthusiasm and attendance 

  • Good at making the fun happen!


Grounds and Equipment Officer(s)


Without this role, there will be no games of baseball. If you enjoy shopping for baseball gear, talking about the fields and just getting stuff done then you’ll love this role. 


Your key responsibilities are:


  • Liaise with the Council to book the grounds for the season, ensure field markings are correctly completed, and resolve any issues relating to the grounds

  • Conduct an equipment audit at the start and end of the season

  • Purchase equipment where necessary, respond to requests from coaches and coordinators

  • Attend monthly SWBL committee meetings


Skills and knowledge

  • Good understanding of SWBL’s needs and baseball equipment

  • Attention to detail 

  • Good communication skills - willingness to call and email the Council etc. 


General Members


You will be crucial to getting us on the diamond each week, helping out on game days, and making people feel welcome. Depending on your skills and interests, there are many other ways you could be involved at various times.


If you like some variety and don’t mind pitching in as required, these roles could be right for you. 


Your key responsibilities are:

  • Attending monthly committee meetings 

  • Fulfilling committee duties (eg BBQ duties)

  • Helping office bearers

  • Supporting SWBL social events


Skills and knowledge: enthusiasm and reliability, otherwise nothing specific but many skills welcome.

Sydney Women's Baseball League games are played on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. We pay our respects to their Elders - past, present, and future. 

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