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SWBLympics 2018

We had a great turnout at this year's main event, the 'SWBLympics', with some fantastic videos, creative costumes, and superb balloon sculpture. This year the Shamrocks took out the video competition with some delightful synchronised swimming worth of the 'Hall of Fame', followed up by some antics from the Devils with the Eye of the Tiger. The Shamrocks generously decided to share 1st prize with the Sliders for their Gay Olympics hilarity. This year's song selection was:

Angels (La Copa De La Vida - Ricky Martin) Devils (Eye of the Tiger - Survivor) Saints (My Oh My - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) Shamrocks (Hall of Fame - The Script)

Sliders (We are the Champions - Queen) Stealers (Chariots of Fire)

As far as best costume goes, Vanessa (Devils) took it out this year with her weightlifting outfit.

There were also some amazing team costumes from the Sliders with their Equestrian themed outfits (complete with plastic boobs).

A shout out to those Sydney 2000 Olympics volunteers, who brought their uniforms out of their protective plastic covers for this special occasion, complete with official volunteer passes and bum bags!

A big thanks goes out to Lucy and Emma for picking the theme and songs, and to Claire, Cheryl, Dani, Kristy, Nat and Beni for helping set up and pack up, and also to Loretta for the awesome props!

Check out the photos on our Social Page and the Sydney Star Observer!

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