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SWBL Welcomes New President for 2018

In 2017 we said so-long to Mags Jenkins who served the league brilliantly in her brief time as president, and welcomed our new president Cheryl Bernhard. Cheryl has served on the SWBL committee for several years, first as a general member and then as Vice-President. With the support of her SWBL Committee and the league at large, Cheryl has taken the helm and will strive to ensure the league remains a fun, inclusive, and safe space for our community. Cheryl is a Collingwood and Swans supporter, but we don't hold the former against her. She's a mean golfer and cricketer (or at least she was back in the day). Now Cheryl cruises the diamond as the Angels coordinator and sometimes pitcher! She is known around the grounds by many names including "Chez", "Chezza", and "Boss", and is a friendly, fair, and fun-loving gal, and we look forward to seeing how SWBL continues to grow under her leadership. Welcome, Cheryl!

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