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Congratulations to the Shamrock Players - 2017 Premiers!

This year's grand final saw the minor premier Stealers up against the always formidable Shamrock Players. These two teams have faced each other in many grand finals over the years, but their friendly rivalry always reminds us of how the game should be played - both in technical skill and in spirit.

This year we dedicated our final round of the season to Marriage Equality! SWBL has always been a safe haven for the LGBT+ community, with a celebration of rainbow families, and fun and welcoming spirit. This year we kicked off the game with the first pitch being thrown by Tiernan Brady from Australian Marriage Equality. From all reports the pitch made it to the catcher and Mr Brady thought his mum would be very proud!

Tiernan Brady throws the first pitch at the 2017 SWBL grand final

The game was one for the ages with some massive hits, some awesome pitching, and quite a few memorable moments, including:

  • Roz putting her body on the line for a heroic dive

  • Marzy moonwalking like a smooth criminal

  • Collie hitting a home run, cementing her legendary status

  • Dee smashing a 3 bagger, and then a 2 bagger

  • Brooks showing us how to slide properly onto a base

  • Hayley sounding like Serena Williams as she smashes one into outfield

  • Helen getting a great tag out at 2nd, and the list goes on...

Spectacular game ladies. What a display of skill and sportswomanship. Thanks for the entertainment and congratulations to the Shammies!

Also a huge congratulations to Collie " Home Run" Patterson for winning the Most Valuable Player award in this year's Grand Final! Well deserved :)

See you on the diamond in 2018!

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